David Jean Thomas

Actor David Jean Thomas Movies / Films:

Infection: The Invasion Begins (2010) aka 9-9-09 (2010) Voodoo Moon (2006) aka Children of the Cornpone (2006) Exorcism (2003) Demon Under Glass (2002)

Reviewed Movies Starring David Jean Thomas

  • Infection: The Invasion Begins (2010)

    Infection: The Invasion Begins 2010

    A mystery surrounds a small town that was wiped out on September 9, 2009. Now, sixty years later, Sarah, the last survivor, sends a reporter a letter suggesting what really happened on that day. The government…

  • Voodoo Moon (2006)

    Voodoo Moon 2006

    Twenty years ago, a demonic massacre in a sleepy Southern town left two young siblings as the lone survivors. But for adult Cole (Eric Mabius of RESIDENT EVIL) and his younger sister Heather (Charisma…

  • Demon Under Glass (2002)

    Demon Under Glass 2002

    In the pursuit of a serial killer has led to a deeper evil as the government captures a vampire and conducts brutal experiments on the creature of the night. A replacement MD is brought in to take over…