Lou Diamond Phillips

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips Movies / Films:

The Night Stalker (2016) Carny (2009) Alien Express (2005) aka Dead Rail (2005) Absolon (2003) Route 666 (2001) Supernova (2000) Bats (1999) aka Blood Moon (1999) Demon Wind (1990)

Reviewed Movies Starring Lou Diamond Phillips

  • Carny (2009)

    Carny 2009

    I used to watch this when I was growing up and still do. Gary Busey puts on a really believable performance of a hardened carny worker who falls for a naive teenage runaway. And Jodie Foster really shines…

  • Alien 3000 (2005)

    Alien 3000 2005

    Three college students leave their school worries behind for a camping weekend of fun. Their fun turns serious when the trio encounters a strange being in a remote cave. Days later, Forest Rangers discover…

  • Absolon (2003)

    Absolon 2003

    Absolon is a science fiction movie set in the future: A mysterious AIDS-like virus has decimated the world population. A cure was found such that a remnant was saved. The cure is a drug called Absolon,…

  • Route 666 (2001)

    Route 666 2001

    Route 666 (2001) is an American action thriller movie that was filmed in Joshua Tree, California, USA and failed miserably. Director William Wesley (Scarecrows (1988), Green Plaid Shirt (1996), Rhythm…

  • Supernova (2000)

    Supernova 2000

    Beyond comprehension, beyond imagination and beyond the deepest regions of this galaxy...life as weknow it is about to end! James Spader and OscarÂ(r) nominee* Angela Bassett "strike sparks"(Los…

  • Bats (1999)

    Bats 1999

    Bats (1999) is an American science fiction horror movie with thrills that is 91 minutes and was filmed in several locations in Utah, USA. Bats is known as a cult film that had an estimated budget of $5.25…