Nikolai Sotirov

Actor Nikolai Sotirov Movies / Films:

The Legend of Hercules (2014) aka Hercules: The Legend Begins, Untitled Hercules Project (2014) Spiders (2013) aka Spiders 3D (2013) Hammerhead (2005) Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys (2004) aka Demonic Toys 3, Puppet Master 9 (2004)

Reviewed Movies Starring Nikolai Sotirov

  • The Legend of Hercules (2014)

    The Legend of Hercules 2014

    I grew up watching Hercules and love it so I was looking forward to this movie. Disappointed - movie feels blah for me because my standards were high walking into the theater. The great part is that the…

  • Hammerhead (2005)

    Hammerhead 2005

    When a brilliant but misguided scientist is banished to a remote island his stem cell research and DNA manipulation give birth to horrifying results. By combining the most vicious killer of the oceans…

  • Puppetmaster vs. Demonic Toys (2004)

    Puppetmaster vs. Demonic Toys 2004

    It’s the night before Christmas Eve, and oddball inventor Robert Toulon (Corey Feldman of THE GOONIES and STAND BY ME) has discovered his great granduncle’s formula for reanimating the master’s…