Lesley-Anne Down

Actor Lesley-Anne Down Movies / Films:

Haunted (2014) aka Dark House (2014) 13th Child (2002) aka The 13th Child, Legend of the Jersey Devil (2002) From Beyond the Grave (1974) aka Creatures (1974)

Reviewed Movies Starring Lesley-Anne Down

  • Dark House (2014)

    Dark House 2014

    I was truly impressed by this movie. I received it for a review just like any other movie and did not think much of it until I started to watch it. Dark House (2014) reels you in after the first 20 minutes…

  • 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil (2002)

    13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil 2002

    The story of the Jersey Devil originates back to the 1700's in the forests of the southern New Jersey Pine Barrens. Locals have reported savage and unsolved murders that they can only attest that…

  • From Beyond the Grave (1974)

    From Beyond the Grave 1974

    I first saw From Beyond the Grave in 1975 (at Co-Op City Cinema) when it played in the Bronx. I saw it with my then bride to be and an old friend who was also a seasoned horror film buff. Naturally, we…