Katherine Trowell

Actor Katherine Trowell Movies / Films:

Left Behind (2000) aka Left Behind: The Movie (2000) The Skulls (2000) Habitat (1997)

Reviewed Movies Starring Katherine Trowell

  • The Langoliers (2000)

    The Langoliers 2000

    Something bizarre has happened abourd flight #29...a nightmare so chilling, so frightening, so unrelenting it could only come from the mind of Stephen King. Now the master storyteller of our time gives…

  • The Skulls (2000)

    The Skulls 2000

    When a college senior joins a secret fraternity in order to better his chances of getting into Harvard Law School, he doesn't realize that he has entered into a potentially life-threatening situation.…

  • Habitat (1997)

    Habitat 1997

    Planet Earth's worst nightmares have come true. When a brilliant but obsessed scientist, Hank Symes moves to a new town, his radical biology experiments transform a suburban house into a terrifying…