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Welcome to Hell Horror, have an excellent time exploring our site. Get current updates on new horror movies, trailers & posters. Have fun rating your favorite movies & books and critiquing your worst. Check often for a chance to win great prizes from our sponsored contest giveaways. Our horror community allows you to create your own profile, send messages, talk in the forum and much more.

We started this project in 2002 and will be releasing content as soon as possible with a major focus in our news and movie reviews. We look to you to increase the functionality and greatness of The emails we receive will be handled one at a time.

We try to provide full and complete coverage. If you know a great deal about a specific topic related to the site, please use the contact form below to submit your horror news/reviews.

Meet the Hell Horror Team

We are a team of horror, fantasy and science fiction fans ranging from all ages and professions. We have experience in all aspects of horror movies, games, books, serial killers, unexplained mystery, demonology, vampires, werewolves and promotional services. What started out as a hobby has turned into this massive online horror database.

  • Michael (Founder)
    • Michael enjoyed watching Nightmare on Elm Street while he was very young and grew into the horror genre. Michael founded Hell Horror back in 2002 and is responsible for the programming, web design, server maintainance and most of the horror content that gets included on

  • Florita (Reviews Contributor)
    • Florita handles most of the movies and book reviews. Florita did not start off as a horror fan but has grown a soft spot for the horror genre. Favorite horror movie character is Freddy Krueger and enjoys the earlier Nightmare on Elm Street movies except part 2.

  • Frank (Reviews Contributor)
  • Shu (Reviews Contributor)
  • Louis aka Sifor (Forums Administrator)
    • Sifor is a real team player who makes sure that the Hell Horror Forums is kept in a friendly manner.

  • Jackie (Forums Moderator)
    • Jackie's love for horror and dedication to the Hell Horror Forums is remarkable. A great addition to the team.

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