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"Angel" (1999) aka Angel: The Series (1999)

Reviewed Movies Directed by Jeffrey Bell

Angel - Season 5 (2003)

Angel - Season 5 2003

The Angel Investigations team is stunned when the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart give them control of the L.A. office. The gang quickly moves in, and although everyone is delighted at the amazing…

Angel - Season 4 (2002)

Angel - Season 4 2002

With both Angel and Cordelia still missing, Fred, Gunn and Connor try to keep Angel Investigations running while they search for their friends. Ironically, the man who everyone believes betrayed Angel…

Angel - Season 3 (2001)

Angel - Season 3 2001

Even as Angel mourns the death of Buffy, Darla makes her way to L.A. with a mysterious new life growing within her. Now thrust into a role he never imagined, Angel needs the assistance of the Angel Investigations…

Angel - Season 2 (2000)

Angel - Season 2 2000

Angel continues to seek redemption, but a fatal mistake makes him realize that racking up the body count isn’t the way to go. So with a renewed sense of purpose and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn at…

Angel - Season 1 (1999)

Angel - Season 1 1999

HIS TIME HAS COME . . . Now you can own the entire first season of ANGEL. All 22 classic episodes are available for the first time in this exclusive 6-disc collector’s edition. From "City of," "In…