Director Kim Jee-woon Movies / Films:

Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003) aka A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) Saam gaang (2002) aka 3 Extremes II (2002)

Reviewed Movies Directed by Kim Jee-woon

  • A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

    A Tale of Two Sisters 2003

    Something strange is happening when Su-mi and her younger sister, Su-yeon, come home to their fathers large but dark and somewhat foreboding house after a stay in the hospital. Their dad is taciturn and…

  • 3 Extremes II (2002)

    3 Extremes II 2002

    3 Extremes II (2002) is a 2h 20-min Hong Kong / South Korea / Thailand mystery horror movie that consists of three omnibus segments directed by three Asian directors. The languages in this video are Cantonese,…