Director Jean Rollin Movies / Films:

La fiancée de Dracula (2002) aka Fiancee of Dracula (2002) Killing Car (1993) Le lac des morts vivants (1981) aka Zombie Lake (1981)

Reviewed Movies Directed by Jean Rollin

  • Dracula Rising (2002)

    Dracula Rising 2002

    Quickly following the release of "Bram Stoker's Dracula," "Dracula Rising" is an obvious attempt to cash in on the blockbuster hit of Francis Ford Coppola. This is nothing unusual,…

  • Killing Car (1993)

    Killing Car 1993

    KILLING CAR is one of Jean Rollin's most unusual films and is a real departure from the vampire theme for which he is best known, though it still maintains Rollin's signature mix of mysterious…

  • Zombie Lake (1981)

    Zombie Lake 1981

    The most terrifying zombie massacre ever to come to the screen! In a small lakeside town in the French countryside, young women are disappearing without a trace. The superstitious locals blame "The…