Director Del Tenney Movies / Films:

Descendant (2003) aka Descendent, Descendent (2003) Zombies (1971) aka Caribbean Adventure, I Eat Your Skin, Voodoo Blood Bath (1971)

Reviewed Movies Directed by Del Tenney

  • Descendant (2003)

    Descendant 2003

    Bleh! I bought this primarily because it was directed by HORROR OF PARTY BEACH's Del Tenney. He may have moved up in technical chops, but the story is a dreary mess without the promised-for horror…

  • I Eat Your Skin (1971)

    I Eat Your Skin 1971

    Best-selling author tom harris likes to spend his time reading the racier portions of his novels to bikini clad beauties. His agent duncan fairchild thinks its time for him to begin work on his next book…