Director Peter Medak Movies / Films:

"Hannibal" (2013) Species II (1998) aka Species 2: Offspring, Species 2: Origins (1998) "Kindred: The Embraced" (1996)

Reviewed Movies Directed by Peter Medak

  • Species 2 (1998)

    Species 2 1998

    After a great all around performance by the original there had to be a sequel. Well they're back at it again. The scientists have created another female half breed. This time they toned down the…

  • Kindred the Embraced - The Complete Series (1996)

    Kindred the Embraced - The Complete Series 1996

    Enter the dangerous and sexy world of the undead when vampires clash with mortals and each other in modern-day San Francisco. Five clans of vampires are known as the KINDRED, and in their terrifying embrace,…