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Fallen angel who is a grand pontiff (pagan high priest) in hell.

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A fallen angel who teaches astrology to humans.

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Fallen angel who is an earl and duke of hell. Barbatos rules over thirty legions of demons and companions with four kings to command his legions. He can…

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Demonic duke that has a snakes' tail and knows all about herbs and gemstones. Also commands 30 legions. Appears as a pale horse riding fallen angel.

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(Christian) Beelzebub is the highest devil. He is insideous and mean. In jewish texts he is referred to as Lord of the Flies or of the feciespile. Fallen…

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A monster created by Jahwe that will be killed together with its sister Liwjatan in the last battle and served as food to the fair ones. A fallen angel…

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A fallen angel who is a king of hell and commands over 85 legions of demons.

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Evil spirit of darkness, uselessness and desperation. He is the personification of the force against God. Said to be a deceptively beautiful fallen angel…

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