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In demonology texts, Belphegor (or Beelphegor, Hebrew) is a not only a demon but one of the seven princes of Hell. Belphegor helps people make discoveries.…

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Demon and fallen angel of lies and grand duke of hell. Betters the voice of singers and commands 26 legion of demons.

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Fallen angel of darkness and evil.

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A fallen angel that appears to man as a monstrous figure and teaches mathematical arts.

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A count of hell that looks like a viper snake. He can reconcile friends and enemies and rules over 0 legions. A fallen angel who appears as a viper.

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Fallen angel, Chairman of the underworld. He is in form of a star and teaches philosophy, logic and ethics; he is in command of 50 legions.

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Infernal duke in the form of a dragon with three heads and can grant people wealth. He is in command of 30 legions.

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A fallen angel who often appears as a thrush or man with a sword.

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