FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having an account on HellHorror.com?
An account on HellHorror.com allows you to connect more easily with people in your community, giving you new tools to share ideas, opinions and news. Your account gives you access to many new features on HellHorror.com:

  • Personal Profile Pages
    Profile pages are collections of your comments, faves, posts, collections and friends on HellHorror.com. Just like Facebook or Twitter, you can connect with people in your online community and get updates whenever they post something new on the site.
  • Make Friends
    Jump into our horror community and make friends with like minded individuals looking to have fun like you. Hell Horror members are unrivaled in their knowledge and helpfullness.
  • Forum Discussions
    Participate in our forums and become a part of heated discussions on any thing horror. Take part in participating in some of the forum games and have a laugh or two.
  • Create/Change Profile Avatar (Picture)
    (Login Required*) Profile pictures (avatars) are easily edited by clicking on "Edit Profile" in the top right-hand of this page. You should see "Upload Avatar" on the top of the page. Simply click browse to select your picture then click the "Upload" button.

How do I edit my profile?
(Login Required*) Go to your profile page and select "Edit Your Info" in the Control Panel box. You can update your personal information and upload a user photo that will show up on your profile page and next to any comments you post.

What's the difference between a profile and a dashboard?
Your profile is what others see; it is all of your activity. Your dashboard is only available to you. To view your profile, click on "Profile page" in the top right-hand corner of this page. To view your dashboard, click on "Dashboard" in the same area or go to your profile and click "Dashboard" in the Control Panel box on the top of the page.

How do I increase my user level?
When you sign up for a free Hell Horror account, the system tracks your site usage. It keeps track of how many pages you've viewed and uses that as a base score. As you spend more time here your user level increases. A number of things are taken into consideration. Your overall user level is based upon the following:

User Level = (Total Base Score * 10%) + (Total Friends Made * 18%) + (Total Faves Made * 12%) + (Total User Collection Made * 18%) + (Total User Forum Posts * 18%)

  • Base Score : (Total Page Views/25) / (Total Character Length(Current User Score)*5)
    Total page views forms your Base Score. Your total Base Score is based on an algorithm, then we add additional points thus forming your Total Score. Your Total Score is your Hell Horror User Level.
  • Friends Made : +18%
    This the total amount of members that have made you their friend. The best may to get more friends is to become friendlier and friend as many people as possible and most likely they will friend you back in return. Another way is to comment, post in the forum and post on other user profiles; the more users see you the more you become a community leader and they want to be your friend.
  • Faves Made : +12%
    Sitewide we have many other sections to interact with. Visit our reviews section and fave some movies, books and games. You can also fave videos in the Videos Section and demons in the Demons Section under the Monsters Section.
  • Horror Collection Made : +18%
    Our Reviews section is built with a great horror fan utility called a Horror Collection List in which you can prove who is the top horror fan on Hell Horror or amongst your friends. You can record your current status on the item. Simply browse the Reviews Section and record any movies that you are either watching, completely watched, on-hold, plan to watch or dropped. For books you can record all that you are either reading, completely read, on-hold, plan to read or dropped. For games you can record that you are either playing, completed gameplay, on-hold, plan to play or dropped.
  • User Forum Posts Made : +18%
    Easy to gain if you are very social and love to interact wih others in the public horror forum.

The Hell Horror User Level System is very complex. This means where one user at a certain level viewed X number of pages to advance to level X, another user may require more or less page views to reach the same level. Bonuses and Penalties have very large impacts on your Total Score. If you spend more time rating, posting to the Forum, and rating Review entries your User Level will climb much quicker than another member who has done none of these things or who has spent more time viewing pages on the site and not interacting.

There is no cap to the User Levels. Levels continue on indefinitely.

Does HellHorror.com have a comment policy?
We do! We want our comments sections to be filled with lively and informative conversations, incorporating many different perspectives, viewpoints and opinions. We do, however, forbid personal attacks and hate speech of any kind. We do not allow obscene or profane language or images on our pages. We ask that you do not post commercial or advertising messages of any kind or post personal information such as phone numbers. We have no tolerance for spammers or trolls who look to hijack conversations or intentionally derail them off topic. These types of contributions will be deleted and could be grounds for suspending or terminating user accounts. In short, as a member of this online community, we ask that you be civil and respectful and that you add your perspective to conversations in a manner that adds to the discussion, rather than subtracts from it.

What if I forgot my password?
It's easy to reset your password. Go to http://www.hellhorror.com/password/ and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with a link that takes you to a page where you can reset your password.

User Abuse
Simply go to the offending users' profile and click the "block user" icon located to the right of the users' avatar. The user will now be blocked from posting comments to your user profile and sending private messages to you. They next step will be to alert the Administrator and Moderators about the abusive behavior.

Why is there a limit on the number of messages I can send?
In the past, there were no limits on the number of messages a member could send. Then some spammy members found it funny to flood other members message box, so something needed to be done. Now a new member must earn the right to send an unlimited number of messages.

The limits are as follow:

Levels 1 - 3
15 messages per 24 hour period

Levels 4 - 9
30 messages per 24 hour period

Levels 10+
Unlimited messages

This policy also helps to protect your Message Box against spam.

Any member who is caught message bombing another member will have their account banned. If you are a victim of message bombing, do not delete the messages. Contact Admin.

Why can't I post to the Forum?
To start a new thread, you must be at least level 5. To reply to a thread, there is no limitation currently. These limitations are imposed so that new members will spend some time reading posts in the Forum, learn what is allowed, not allowed, and learn about the Forum's general tone.

Why can't I edit my Forum posts?
Only forum administrators/moderators can edit Forum posts. This is done to maintain the integrity of the Forum. If members were allowed to change their posts, threads would soon stop making sense.

Why was my post to the Forum deleted?
Administrators/moderators follow a set of content guidelines regarding Forum posts. Reasons for post deletion may include (but are not limited to):

  • Posts of a political nature.
  • Posts that ridicule the philosophical tenants of any religion.
  • Rude, obnoxious, hate, or flame posts.
  • Overly sexual posts.
  • Personality question posts (What color underwear do you wear?).
  • Threads that do not fit the theme of Hell Horror.
  • Replies to threads that are not on-topic.
  • Posts made to the wrong Forum section.
  • Silly, nonsensical, or ridiculous posts.
All Sandbox threads, threads with one post and no replies, are eventually deleted.

Will you link to my website?
Hell Horror maintains an open link directory. You can add your website here for FREE or pay for a featured Listing.

Can I link to Hell Horror?
Hell Horror loves links and you don't have to ask our permission. If you'd like to display one of our banners or text links, we have many to choose from here.

Can I be an Administrator/Moderator?

How do I add to the directory?
If you just want to add a link, click on links. Then click on submit link. Suggestions are then reviewed by the Admin for approval.

A member was mean to me, I want you to delete their account!
Administrators/moderators will not become involved in member disputes. If you find a member offensive, use the block button on the users profile page. All private messages and comments to your Profile from the blocked user will be blocked. Do not ask for a member to be deleted or reprimanded. You will be ignored if you ask.

For what reasons might a member be suspended?
The reasons for account suspension may include (but are not limited to): Flaming other Vampire Rave members. Creating multiple Vampire Rave accounts. Not following Forum posting guidelines. Violation of Portfolio policies. Violation of the rules of Vamp Box.

What content management system (CMS) do you use for this website?
Hell Horror was created from the ground up to be highly customizable and optimized. The entire site is created using PHP with a MySQL database. The only exception is the Links section where third party code was used.