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This Horror movies list includes reviews for Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival, Almost Mercy, Altered States, Amityville Horror, The & An American Werewolf in London. The first Horror movie on this page is Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival scoring 9/10 stars in our Horror movie review and has an average user score of 5.1/10 stars from 267 users. Starring in this movie is . The second Horror movie listed is Almost Mercy scoring 8/10 stars in our Horror movie reviews list and has an average user score of 5.3/10 stars from 17 users. We hope you enjoy our list of Horror movie reviews here with more upcoming movies coming soon.

  • Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival (2015)

    Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival 2015
    Our Score: 9/10   IMDB Score: 7.4/10

    Bill Moseley, Kristina Klebe, Barry Dennen, J. LaRose, Marc Senter - Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival (2015) is an American musical horror movie that is a sequel to Bousman's short film The Devil's Carnival (2012). Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II (2005),…

  • Almost Mercy (2015)

    Almost Mercy 2015
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 6.1/10

    Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Nick Principe, Noel Ramos, Lino Tanaka - Almost Mercy (2015) is an American horror film that contains revenge, animal torture, school shooting, female murderer, cop killer, suicide by pills, the murder of a child molester, pedophile priest,…

  • Altered States (1980)

    Altered States 1980
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 6.9/10

    John Larroquette, Drew Barrymore, William Hurt, Francis X. McCarthy, Bob Balaban - Altered States (1980) is an American science-fiction thriller horror movie that was an adaptation of Paddy Chayefsky's novel titled Altered States. Paddy Chayefsky is the screenwriter of Altered…

  • Amityville Horror, The (1979)

    Amityville Horror, The 1979
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 6.2/10

    Margot Kidder, James Tolkan, Baxter Harris, Helen Shaver, Murray Hamilton - A young man, Ronald DeFeo, ruthlessly murders his entire family with a shotgun one evening for no apparent reason. The detectives that arrive to try and make sense of the crime place the time of death…

  • An American Werewolf in London (1981)

    An American Werewolf in London 1981
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 7.6/10

    Frank Oz, John Landis, Jenny Agutter, Harry Fielder, David Schofield - Remember back in the early 1980s when special-effects makeup artists were tripping over themselves to create the next big effect? The Howling boasted a fantastic werewolf transformation scene courtesy…

  • Angel Heart (1987)

    Angel Heart 1987
    Our Score: 9/10   IMDB Score: 7.3/10

    Pruitt Taylor Vince, Robert De Niro, Judith Drake, Mark L. Taylor, Mickey Rourke - Angel Heart (1987) is an American horror mystery thriller movie that was exceptionally good. Director and co-writer Alan Parker (Evita (1996), Angel Heart (1987), Mississippi Burning (1988), The Life…

  • Antichrist (2009)

    Antichrist 2009
    Our Score: 7/10   IMDB Score: 6.6/10

    Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Storm Acheche Sahlstrøm - Lars von Trier (Europa, Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark) shook up the film world when he premiered Antichrist at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. In this graphic psychodrama, a grief-stricken man…

  • Army of Darkness (1992)

    Army of Darkness 1992
    Our Score: 9/10   IMDB Score: 7.6/10

    Bill Moseley, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Embeth Davidtz, Ian Abercrombie - Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness (1992) is the final entry to the Evil Dead trilogy. The Evil Dead trilogy is another of my all time favorites even though they had an extremely tight budget with each…

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