Hell Horror Communtiy Members

Welcome! This guide will help you get started in the wonderful universe of Hell Horror.

Hell Horror is a horror genre social network. Our members are all horror fans no matter the scope. Together, the members form a unique and robust horror community.

As a new member you now have a profile. As you spend more time here and prove that you're not just here to start trouble, you gain user levels and soon to come, special features.

Hell Horror operates on a User Level System. As a new member you start at level 1. As you spend more time here and do more things at the site, your user level increases. You don't have to do anything special, this will happen automatically. Levels go on up to infinity, but the goal is always to reach our top members page or a level 100.

As a brand new member you can:

You're limited in how many messages you can send for a very good reason. Because Hell Horror limits what its new members can do, we have almost no problems with spam. You may hate this limitation now, but you'll love it once your level increases. At level 4 you can send 30 messages per 24 hour period. At level 10 you can send unlimited messages. It won't take you long to reach level 10 if you follow the instructions in this guide.

Imagine, a social network where you don't have to deal with messages from people promoting their webcam, band, or money scams.

Ok, let's get started and get you on the road to User Level 100.

Step 1 - Edit your Profile

Your profile is your public face at Hell Horror. You want it to look good. Edit your Profile, add an avatar ASAP and give yourself a custom look for everyone to see.

Write at least 3 paragraphs about yourself, birthday and location (zipcode). That's enough for now. You can work on it more later.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Journal

Take a few moments and write at least 1 journal entry.

You'd be surprised at how many people will stop by and read your most recent journal entry after visiting your profile.

Step 3 - Make Some Friends

Proceed to the members page in which you can see who are the most recently signed in users. These users are prime candidates for friends because they are online more often than most users and can probably help you if you have any quick questions. Our Who is Online Section will also help you make new friends. Our Hall of Fame Members page is our tribute to the members who keep the lights on and discussions in the forums lively. We suggest making a couple friends on these pages then coming back to this guide.

Step 4 - Check Your User Level

Ok, you've spent some time fixing up your profile, writing a journal entry and sent off some messages to members asking them to be your friend.

If you've followed the instructions thus far in this guide you should be at least level 2 by now. Maybe higher. See how easy that was to go up a level?

User Levels are calculated everytime the page is refreshed. If you are not seeing changes to the score on each page view, you are not interacting and simply refreshing the page. Page views count towards the base score of your total User Score but when you start to increase in your User Levels, the page views start to play an even less factor in your total User Level.

Now, take a few moments and read all about the way that the User Levels are calculated. That page explains everything that goes into the computation of your user level. You don't need to understand everything on this page. User Level computation is pretty complex. But if you're ever curious about how your User Score is computed, this is where you find the information.

Step 5 - Browse The Main Forums

You can respond to the forum threads once you become a member of Hell Horror. You can't start a new forum thread until you hit level 5.

If you're under level 5, just spend some time reading a few threads. Get a general feel for the forum. You should be level 3 or higher so post a few replies. Posting to the forums is one of the ways you can achieve a User Level Bonus.

Step 6 - Fave Some Reviews/Videos

Go to the Reviews Section and add some movies, books and games to your faves list. Next go to the Videos Section and see what movie trailers, game trailers and full length videos you would like to fave. These faves will be counted into your total User Level and should provide a big boost.

Step 7 - Comment System

You can comment on anything on the site. Prime comment areas include the Reviews/Videos Sections and member profile pages which can be found by clicking anywhere on any member avatar/picture.

Step 8 - Read the FAQ

This step is boring and most over looked. But if you take the time to do it, it will make you a better, more informed member. The answer to just about any question can be found in the Hell Horror FAQ. Get use to using it.

Step 9 - Check Your User Level

If you've done everything in the guide thus far, you should be at least level 10 by now. If you're not at level 10 yet, you should be pretty close. At level 10 you are a little more then fresh meat! You can chat it up with other Hell Horror members and meet all kinds of new friends. Keep repeating the things that you did in the guide and you have a great plan to knock someone off the top members list or hit that User Level 100 in no time.

Enjoy yourself at Hell Horror!