The Uninvited (2009) Movie

The Uninvited

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Release Date: January 30, 2009
Starring Don S. Davis, Jesse Moss, Heather Doerksen, Kevin McNulty
Directed by Charles Guard, Thomas Guard
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Anna Ivers returns home to her sister Alex after a stint in a mental hospital, though her recovery is jeopardized thanks to her cruel stepmother. Her dismay quickly turns to horror when she is visited by ghastly visions of her dead mother.
Cast: Don S. Davis, Jesse Moss, Heather Doerksen, Kevin McNulty, Elizabeth Banks, Alf Humphreys, David Strathairn, Dean Paul Gibson, Arielle Kebbel, John Prowse, Emily Browning, Maya Massar, Lex Burnham, Matthew Bristol, Danny Bristol, Ryan Cowie, Troy Rudolph, C.A. Fraser Bain, Michael Perez
Directors: Charles Guard, Thomas Guard
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
AKA(s): A Tale of Two Sisters, Apparition
Year: 2009
Runtime: 87
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Nominations: 2
Writers: Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, Jee-woon Kim
Producers: Doug Davison, Casey Grant, Michael Grillo, Roy Lee, Laurie MacDonald, Gerald D. Moon, Walter F. Parkes, Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman, Riyoko Tanaka
Musicians: Christopher Young
Cinematographers: Daniel Landin
Editors: Jim Page, Christian Wagner

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