Devil Girl (2007) Movie

Devil Girl

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Release Date: September 18, 2009
Starring Elina Madison, Billy Bryan, Willow Hale, Tim Abell
Directed by Howie Askins
1 votes, 5 / 5 avg. rating (100% score) A young girl attempting to outrun her own tragic past finds that the future holds even darker things in store after becoming stranded in a secluded desert town and falling prey to the deeply-disturbed locals. Fay has lost her father, and now she's not sure where her life is headed. Hoping that an impromptu road trip will help to set her mind straight, the adventurous young woman gasses up her muscle car and sets out on Route 66. Along the way Fay is challenged to a drag race on the open road. Just as she puts the peddle to the metal, however, her cherished car mysteriously breaks down. Now Fay is cash-strapped and stranded in a windblown desert town, desperate to keep driving but with no means of repairing her car. Upon crossing paths with a neurotic, drug-addicted clown, Fay realizes she's trapped as her life becomes a living nightmare.


Fay is a small town girl on a cross country road trip, trying to escape her own reality after the death of her father...
Cast: Elina Madison, Billy Bryan, Willow Hale, Tim Abell, Kai Cofer, Dorian Martin, Ryan Taylor, Patrick Williams, Diamond Back Annie, Scarlet Sinclair, Joshua Roberts, Charlotte LaBelle Araignee, Adonna Vichet, Jessica Graham, Jessica Simone, Miss Indigo Blue, Donna Vieira, Joe Wanjai Ross, Lauren Gribble, Jami Deadly, The Wau Wau Sisters, Vanessa Kay, Carlos Larkin, Kyle DeFluzio, C.J. Baker, The UVs, Lucy Fur, Jeff Swarthout, Joe Boyd, Greg Fallert
Directors: Howie Askins
Genres: Thriller
AKA(s): Acute Psychosis: Highway To Hell
Year: 2007
Runtime: 83
Writers: Howie Askins, Tracy Wilcox Gillie
Producers: Joe Baile, Tracy Wilcox Gillie
Cinematographers: Kelly Travis
Editors: Howie Askins

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