Patient Seven
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  • VOD: October 11, 2016
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Starring Doug Jones, Michael Ironside, Jason Speer, Amy Smart
Directed by Danny Draven, Erlingur Thoroddsen, Paul Davis, Ómar Örn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, Rasmus Wassberg
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Danny Draven"s Patient Seven (2016) sounds like a great horror anthology film via Terror Films. Patient Seven features several segments from filmmakers around the world. The cast is exciting with Michael Ironside, Amy Smart, Doug Jones, and Alfie Allen. Currently, this film has an open Fall 2016 release date.

From the Press Release:

In October of 2015, genre distributor Terror Films announced that principal photography had begun on an Untitled Horror Anthology, now titled PATIENT SEVEN. The structure of the anthology includes a wrap-around, written by Barry Jay Stitch (The Chosen) and directed by horror veteran Danny Draven (Ghost Month, Reel Evil), which intertwines 7 award winning, short films by filmmakers from around the globe. The filmmakers include: Nicholas Peterson, Paul Davis, Omar Orn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Erlingur Ottar Thoroddsen, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson and Rasmus Wassberg.

The cast includes: Amy Smart (Just Friends, The Single Mom"s Club), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones, John Wick), Doug Jones (Pan"s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak), among others.

The wrap around stars veteran actor and genre favorite, Michael Ironside (Scanners, Total Recall) as Dr. Marcus. Marcus, a renowned psychiatrist, has selected 6 severe mentally ill and dangerous patients from the Spring Valley Mental Hospital, to interview as part of research for his new book. As Dr. Marcus interviews each patient, one by one the horrors they have committed begin to unfold. However, Dr. Marcus soon learns that there is one patient who has been kept from him by the hospital"s administrator, Dr. Vincent - played by Jack Plotnick (Drawn Together, Reno 911!: Miami).

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The film centers on Dr. Marcus, a renowned psychiatrist who has selected 6 severe mentally ill and dangerous...
Cast: Doug Jones, Michael Ironside, Jason Speer, Amy Smart, Alfie Allen, Jack Plotnick, Sibyl Gregory, Evie Wray, Danielle Kotch, Haley Kotch, Alicia Harding, Robin Berry, Ashleigh Buxton, Jessica Manins, Jonatan Bökman, Ben Matthews, Jack Gordon, Ayden Callaghan, Henry Paker, Thorbjorg Helga Dyrfjord, Glenda Robinson, Carl-Petter Eriksson, Annika Ryberg Whittembury, Charlie Bond, Richard Falkner, Freddie Smith, William Mark McCullough, Connor Gibbs-McNeil, Carol Storey, Grace Van Dien
Directors: Danny Draven, Erlingur Thoroddsen, Paul Davis, Ómar Örn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, Rasmus Wassberg
Genres: Horror
Year: 2016
Runtime: 113 /
Writers: Paul Davis, Sam Dickson, Richard Falkner, Paul Fischer, Omar Orn Hauksson, Jacey Heldrich, Dean Hewison, Barry Jay, Brian McAuley, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, David Steenhoek, Aidee Walker, Rasmus Wassberg
Producers: Alma Aguilar, Darren Chase, Steven Barnes Chris, Josh Cohen, Marilyn Cortez, Joe Dain, Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, Alexander Dmitrenko, Jeffrey J. Ellen, Alec Eskander, Miles Fineburg, Paul Fischer, Ben Franklin, Paul Goggin, Adam F. Goldberg, Jon Heder, Jacey Heldrich, Lewis James, Olaf de Fleur Johannesson, Mark T. King, Jim Klock, Ruth Korver, Dan Landeck, Salvatore Lumetta, Demi Martin, Brian McAuley, Anthony Melton, Jim Peterson, Nicholas Peterson, Michael Rosenbaum, Peter Schafer, Rob Sparks, Jason Speer, Douglas TenNapel, Kristin Andrea Thordardottir, Alex Valero, John Walkiewicz, Kim Waltrip
Musicians: Duncan Attwood, Chris Bacon, Jojo Draven, Mat Sampson, Robin Schlochtermeier, Einar Sverrir Tryggvason, Tane Upjohn-Beatson
Cinematographers: Bjarni Felix Bjarnason, Eben Bolter, John Wakayama Carey, David Desio, Ben Kent, Niklas Panthell, Chris Saul, Matty Warmington
Editors: Brendon Bouzard, Sam Dickson, Gary Forrester, Ómar Örn Hauksson, Olaf de Fleur Johannesson, Anthony Melton, Cj Miller, Johannes Persson, Tim Robbins, Matty Warmington, Rasmus Wassberg

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Patient Seven (2016) - Trailer

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