A Werewolf in a Women's Prison (2006) Movie Review

A Werewolf in a Women's Prison (2006)

2006 Horror

User Score: 56/100


Set in the fictional third world country of Canpuna, 'Werewolf in a Womens Prison' is the story of Sarah (Victoria De Mare)...

Winner Of Syracuse Film Festival, Victoria DeMare Scream Queen 2007, "Out Torentinos Torentino" - Fangoria. "The SHOWGIRLS of Sexploitation".....  This was the surprise hit of the season from two new filmakers with a brilliant script, great direction and wonderful acting. The movie combines genres almost never seen anymore Werwolf and Women prison movies. The filmakers have brought together the hottest women in B movies with a great script by Vincent Bilancio and the spot on direction of Jeff Leroy.  The reviews are still coming in so this is your opportunity to get the first release of this movie. It played to standing room only at its Los Angeles premier. This directors cut includes interviewes with the stars and the cast as well as hilarious and erotically funny out takes with the women that made this the hit that it is.

About A Werewolf in a Women's Prison (2006)

Title: A Werewolf in a Women's Prison
Year: 2006
Starring: Meredith Salenger, Victoria De Mare, Jed Rowen, Eva Derrek, Phoebe Dollar, Al Burke, Domiziano Arcangeli, Tai Chan Ngo, Vinnie Bilancio, David Lipson, Berna Roberts, Yurizan Beltran, Jamie Kenagy, Sindy Lange, Angelique Congleton, Eric Spudic, Magic J. Ellingson, Kristen Zaik, Sean Cain, Natalie Stone, Charlene Harding, Tamara Melnyk, Elyse Hamilton, Don Giacomo, Michelle Fatale, Jackeline Olivier, Emily Goode, Sharon L. Davis, Neto DePaula Pimenta, John Lechago
Director: Jeff Leroy
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.75/5 stars from 9 users. Votes: 9.
Genre: Horror

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