The Frighteners (1996) Movie Review

The Frighteners (1996)

1996 | R | Horror, Comedy
110 minutes /

User Score: 67/100


After a tragic car accident that killed his wife, a man discovers he can communicate with the dead to con people but when a demonic spirit appears, he may be the only one who can stop it from killing the living and the dead.

The Frighteners Review

Peter Jackson is one of my favorite directors and The Frighteners (1996) is not a fantastic movie but none-the-less a must see. Michael J. Fox plays Frank Bannister who is a "psychic investigator". Frank can see ghosts and has a trio of comic relief ghosts who help him along the movie.

The Frighteners starts off as a horror comedy but about midway into the horror movie it deepens into a rich film. The special effects are terrific for its time and still hold up today. I laughed, I sat at the edge of my seat and I felt like some points were over done, not on the actors behalf. The acting was terrific from every star.

This movie remains one of my favorites even though it is wacky and not a complete winner. Replay value, definitely, I still watch it from time to time today.

The script was written by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh; they also teamed up for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

About The Frighteners (1996)

Title: The Frighteners
Original Title: Robert Zemeckis Presents: The Frighteners
Year: 1996
Runtime: 110 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 9 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 9
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Dee Wallace, Jeffrey Combs, Peter Jackson, R. Lee Ermey, Troy Evans, Billy Jackson, John Astin, Jake Busey, Michael J. Fox, John Sumner, Todd Rippon, Matthew Chamberlain, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Jeff Slaven, Jim McLarty, Stuart Devenie, Michael Elsworth, Frank Edwards, Michael Robinson, Paul Yates, Melanie Lynskey, Tony Hopkins, Ken Blackburn, George Port, Jim Fyfe, Leslie Wing, Anthony Ray Parker, Taea Hartwell, Chi McBride, John Leigh
Writers: Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson
Director: Peter Jackson

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