Returner (2004) Movie Review

Returner (2004)

2004 | R | Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

User Score: 60/100


A young woman from the future forces a local gunman to help her stop an impending alien invasion which will wipe out the human race.

2084. After decades of intense fighting an alien invasion force is close to destroying what s left of the world. In a last-ditch effort to save the human race a guerilla fighter named Milly leaps into a waiting Time Shifter. With the Alien Wars set to begin in 72 hours she tricks Miyamoto a skilled martial-arts expert and gunman into joining her cause. Together the two launch an all-out assault on the local crime lord who s captured a spaceship   and imprisoned its extraterrestrial pilot. Now the Returner and her partner must free the captive alien before warships begin to attack the planet in this sci-fi thriller packed with dazzling special effects and blazing martial arts action.System Requirements:Running Time: 116 Min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN/LATIN Rating: R UPC: 043396008175 Manufacturer No: 00817

About Returner (2004)

Title: Returner
Year: 2004
Starring: Chiharu Kawai, Sean Ryan, Kazuya Shimizu, Ryan Hill, Dean Harrington, Nejat Shanino, Xiaoqun Zhao, Kristie Protacio, Kenji Motomiya, Buruna, Hoshi Ishida, Misako Nagashima, Eric Robinson, Shûgo Oshinari, Masaya Takahashi, Steve Ryan, Kanata Hongô, Bernard Beardsley, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ahmad Ali, Anne Suzuki, Salah Soltane, Kirin Kiki, Ari Andres, Gorô Kishitani, Byron Baron, Yukiko Okamoto, Adeyto, Mitsu Murata, Semenov Ivan
Director: Takashi Yamazaki
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Votes: 5.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
MPAA Rating: R

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