Angel - Season 4 (2002)

2002 Thriller, Action, Drama, Fantasy

User Score: 70/100


The vampire Angel, cursed with a soul, moves to Los Angeles and aids people with supernatural-related problems while questing for his own redemption.

With both Angel and Cordelia still missing, Fred, Gunn and Connor try to keep Angel Investigations running while they search for their friends. Ironically, the man who everyone believes betrayed Angel is the one who finally comes to Angel’s rescue. Then Cordelia mysteriously reappears with no memory of her life or her friends. Confused, she chooses to take refuge with Connor?setting into motion events that will alter their lives forever.

About Angel - Season 4 (2002)

Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.45/5 stars from 23 users. Votes: 23.
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama, Fantasy

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