Creepshow 2 (1987)

1987 Horror, Thriller, Comedy

User Score: 61/100


Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die.

Michael Gornick’s 1987 sequel to George A. Romero‘s "Creepshow", simply
titled "Creepshow 2" is a very good horror film. This time around, instead of
directing, Romero just provided the screenplay. The film is based on a three
short stories written by Stephen King (check out his cameo as a truck driver in
"The Hitchhiker").

The first tale of the macabre is called "Old Chief Wood’nhead". The story is
about an old couple, Ray and Martha Spruce (played by George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour),

who own a general store in a town
that is going through hard financial times. A member of a local tribe of Native
Americans that also resides in the town, named Benjamin Whitemoon gives a
collection of jewelry to the old couple, until the tribe has enough money to pay
them back for all they’ve given to the tribe over the years. Soon after Benjamin
leaves, a member of his family named Sam Whitemoon and two of his teenage
henchmen proceed to rob the couple. Sam ends up murdering them both, and him and
his friends go home to get ready to run away to Hollywood. The teenagers didn’t
realize however, that they had awoken the spirit of Ray’s statue, Old Chief
Wood’nhead, whom gets revenge on the teens for their terrible crime.

The second tale of terror and my personal favorite is "The Raft". Four
teenagers decide to go swimming at a secret lake where there isn’t a soul in
sight, with no intentions other than to get laid and get high. One by one however
the teens begin getting eating alive by a huge, disgusting blob that recedes in the

The third tale of horror is called "The Hitchhiker". A woman who is cheating on
her husband over sleeps and rushes to try to beat him home. Upon speeding
down a dark road, she looses control and hits a hitchhiker. She then proceeds to
drive off with no turning back, until she realizes she is being haunted by the man
she had murdered.

"Creepshow 2" for me was more entertaining than the first. The first was a little too long and I enjoy these tales much more. The dark humor is great (Sam Whitemoon being obsessed with his hair, the macho teenager threatening to
"smoke" his girlfriend in the face when she becomes terrified, and another
teenager kissing her and groping her while she sleeps.. ahahahhah what the
hellll??). In between the stories is an animated narration and story of a boy
named Billy who is obsessed with his Creepshow comics. The narrator is The
Creep who is played by no other than horror legend Tom Savini. Believe me, the
whole Creep thing is very, very corny.. but c’mon.. it’s Tom fucking Savini!

All in all I enjoyed this film very much. In my opinion it’s better than the first, 
and is a great horror/comedy. Highly recommended!

About Creepshow 2 (1987)

Title: Creepshow 2
Year: 1987
Starring: Tom Savini, Stephen King, David Holbrook, Tom Wright, Don Harvey, George Kennedy, Daniel Beer, Holt McCallany, Page Hannah, David Beecroft, Tyrone Tonto, Joe Silver, Dorothy Lamour, Frank Salsedo, Dan Kamin, Dean Smith, Shirley Sonderegger, Paul Satterfield, Jeremy Green, Lois Chiles, Domenick John, Philip Dore, Kaltey Napoleon, Richard Parks, Maltby Napoleon, Cheré Bryson
Director: Michael Gornick
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 28 users. Votes: 28.
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy

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