The Night Flier (1997)

1997 | R | Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

User Score: 64/100


A reporter is on the trail of a vampiric murderer who travels by plane.

The Night Flier (1997) is a mystery fantasy horror movie that is based on Stephen King‘s short story The Night Flier. Director and screenplay writer Mark Pavia did a fantastic job executing The Night Flier and should have continued directing movies. The Night Flier was Mark’s second movie to direct and his also his final film to direct. Mark has amazing talents to make what should have been a thirty-minute movie into an amazing movie that is an hour and a half. The film contains sexual language/references, massive gore, violence, vampires, thrills, suspense, drama, bad language, drug use and a lot of intense scenes that will have your undivided attention.

The Night Flier revolves around reporter Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer - Crossing Jordan (2001), Iron Man 3 (2013), RoboCop (1987), Mulan (1998)) trying to catch a murderer that kills his victims in a vampiristic manner. Richard is a journalist that is tired of writing stories and taking pictures for a tabloid company. The murderer uses a black Skymaster airplane to fly to the murder scenes. Richard found dirt in/on the plane once and also saw the interior of the aircraft covered in human blood. The murderer is vampire Dwight Renfield (Michael H. Moss - Passenger 57 (1992), RoboCop 3 (1993), Fluke (1995)) that loves to feed on humans at any cost. Dwight felt empathy for Richard when they finally have their confrontation and does not want to kill him.

I was shocked to see the ending of the movie as it put a different twist on Richard and gave me a different impression of him. There were a few plot holes that left some unanswered questions and misfitted actors that appeared as though they did not fit the character role they were playing. The makeup department did a great job but not an excellent job, and the makeup sometimes looked rushed and not complete. The cinematographer, sound department and special effect department did an excellent job. Ok, back to the actors, they all did a marvelous job with their respective roles but their features/looks are not right for the roles. Many might disagree with me, but it is my opinion. Overall, all vampire horror fans should see this move as soon as possible. I just wish this remarkable director had continued to write screenplays and direct movie.

About The Night Flier (1997)

Title: The Night Flier
Year: 1997
Starring: Jim Grimshaw, Miguel Ferrer, Rod Pearson, April Turner, John Bennes, William Neely, General Fermon Judd Jr., Windy Wenderlich, Rachel Lewis, Kristen Leigh, Simon Elsworth, Matthew Johnson, Julie Entwisle, Terry Neil Edlefsen, Dan Monahan, Joy Knox, Michael H. Moss, Randal Brown, Beverly Skinner, Laurie Wolf, Rob Wilds, Keith Shepard, Richard K. Olsen, Ruth Reid, Elizabeth McCormick, Matt Webb, J.R. Rodriguez, David Zum Brunnen, Robert Leon Casey, Ashton Stewart
Director: Mark Pavia
Score: 3 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.15/5 stars from 11 users. Votes: 11.
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Fantasy
MPAA Rating: R

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