Children of the Corn (1984)

1984 Horror

User Score: 71/100


A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed.

Bad Stephen King adaptation, 80’s style. Children of the Corn is a lame 80’s horror film. One of the many stories of Stephen King’s to be adapted for the silver screen during the 80’s. Like many of them instead of making a movie solely based upon the written material, the film-makers decide to take only parts of the story branching out into something that barely resembles the original concept. Instead of a truly scary film about religion gone mad, we’re
treated to a very lame movie filled with a bunch of bad actors and a wretched script that only a mid-level hack could spew out. A yuppie couple traveling cross-country runs into a small farm town that’s populated by a community of children all hopped up on religion. Sounds better than it really is. Recommended for true 80’s nostalgia fans.

About Children of the Corn (1984)

Title: Children of the Corn
Year: 1984
Starring: Linda Hamilton, R.G. Armstrong, Courtney Gains, John Franklin, John Philbin, Anne Marie McEvoy, Robby Kiger, Peter Horton, Julie Maddalena, Jonas Marlowe, Dan Snook, David Cowen, Suzy Southam, D.G. Johnson, Patrick Boylan, Elmer Soderstrom, Teresa Toigo, Mitch Carter, Dennis Carl, Eric Freeman, Corey Frizzell
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.55/5 stars from 14 users. Votes: 14.
Genre: Horror

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