Gnaw (2009) Movie Review

Gnaw (2009)

2009 | R | Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Crime

User Score: 60/100


Six young criminals break into hidden catacombs and attempt to steal jewels, but some inhabitants are guarding the precious belongings. After being trapped in this dark maze of crypts, the group tries to escape alive.

It s nice to have your friends for dinner…

According to official statistics, more than 210,000 missing persons reports are filed every year. Some cases are never solved.

Now six friends head off to a country estate for a weekend of bonding, bed hopping and home-cooked feasts. But their good times go very bad when they encounter a clan of slaughter-happy psychopaths with expert skills in butchery and a ravenous hunger for teen-meat pies. What follows is a brutal battle for survival, complete with shocking carnage, killer twists, and graphic reasons to avoid UK cuisine forever. It s THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE in the English countryside in this grisly debut from director Gregory Mandry that walks a knife s edge between tongue-in-cheek humor and teeth-in-flesh terror. Bring a strong stomach and a hearty appetite: British horror is back with a vengeance!

About Gnaw (2009)

Title: Gnaw
Year: 2009
Starring: Nathan Hill, E. Adam Thomas, Sarah Oh, Mike Ranallo, Abra May, Cristen Irene, Joanna Ke, Delaina Stevens, R. Keith Wilson, Michael David Hill, Hollywood Yates, Seth Gandrud, Savanah McMahon
Director: Craig McMahon
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Votes: 5.
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
MPAA Rating: R

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