Necromancer (2000)

2000 Horror, Action, Fantasy

User Score: 43/100


Evil has survived. Diablo, the Lord of Terror, now seeks to free his demonic brothers. The armies of...

When simple revenge is not enough! Julie, a sweet blonde co-ed, is raped by a pair of rich kids, Paul and Carl, one night in the school auditorium. To keep her quiet, the rapists threaten to tell her boyfriend about her past affair with her drama professor (Russ Tamblyn). Finally, at the advice of her best girl friend, Julie goes to see a medium—a woman who’s a specialist in demonology. Thus begins Julie’s introduction to the mysterious world of the occult as The Necromancer.

About Necromancer (2000)

Title: Necromancer
Year: 2000
Starring: Michael McConnohie, Michael Gough, William Bassett, Castulo Guerra, Paul Eiding, Tony Pope, Frank Gorshin, Milton James, James Harper, Lani Minella, Brian George, Nina Minton, Scott Petersen, Martitia Palmer, Michael Scandizzo, Roz Witt, Stefan Scandizzo, Max Schaefer, Deem Bristow, Eric Sexton, Jim Killeen, Jonathan Stone, Jennifer Smithee, Matt Uelmen, Ed Trotta, Bernie Wilkins, Larry B. Scott, Carrie Gordon Lowrey, Liana Young, Bill Roper
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.1/5 stars from 7 users. Votes: 7.
Genre: Horror, Action, Fantasy

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