Ninjas Vs Vampires (2010) Movie Review

Ninjas Vs Vampires (2010)

2010 Horror, Action, Fantasy, Comedy

User Score: 67/100


Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010's cult smash...

Ninjas vs Vampires is from the creators of "Ninjas Vs Zombies" and being the Action-Horror-Comedy that it is, we are faced with a battle for the world between vampires and ninjas. After the girl of Aaron’s dreams rejects him they get ambushed by blood sucking vampires. Aaron tracks down ninjas who fight against the vampires on a nightly war to keep a way the forces of darkness. Vampire overlord Seth plots on the destruction of mankind meanwhile Aaron creates his super hero to-do list. Join the ninjas, save the world and get the girl.

About Ninjas Vs Vampires (2010)

Title: Ninjas Vs Vampires
Year: 2010
Starring: Leo Rogstad, Daniel Mascarello, Will Stendeback, Dan Guy, Sarah Scheiner, Justin Timpane, George Stover, Jay Saunders, Devon Brookshire, Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Carla Okouchi, Catherine Cahill, Melissa McConnell, Matthew James Gulbranson, P.J. Megaw, James Majewski, Suzanne Glover, Sandra Steinmeyer, Michael Mead, Elizabeth Wyld, Liz Burgess, Brian Anderson, Andrea R. Baker, Teena Byrd, Kurt Skarstedt, Roland Victor Currie, Liz Christmas, Tuomas Easton, Joe Higgs
Director: Justin Timpane
Score: 1.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.3/5 stars from 3 users. Votes: 3.
Genre: Horror, Action, Fantasy, Comedy

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