BTK Killer (2005) Movie Review

BTK Killer (2005)

2005 | R | Thriller, Crime, Biography
82 minutes /

User Score: 57/100


The B.T.K. killer harasses a news reporter with threatening letters as he ponders about the murders he committed 30 years ago.

BTK Killer Review

He was a father, a husband, a preacher… and a serial killer – step inside the mind of one of the nation’s most twisted murderers in this gripping retelling of the BTK killer’s reign of terror. In 2005, after a 30-year hunt, the Wichita, Kansas, police finally apprehended one of the most elusive serial killers of the century – right in their own backyard. A dogcatcher named Dennis Rader stood accused of murdering at least ten women in the late 60s and early 70s and then disappeared. In 2005, BTK suddenly resurfaced – and the killings began again. Bind. Torture. Kill

About BTK Killer (2005)

Title: BTK Killer
AKA: B.T.K. Killer
Year: 2005
Runtime: 82 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Biography
Score: 1 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.85/5 stars from 7 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 7
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Nola Roeper, Rachael Devlin, Jed Rowen, Danielle Petty, Ulli Lommel, Christian Behm, Max Nikoff, Ricky Love, Gerard Griesbaum, Eric Gerleman, Axel Montgomery, Victoria Ullmann, Brett Patrick Dearth, John Filkowski, Shyla Fernandes, Bud Watson, Michael Barbour, Robert Beetley, Boston Dawna Chaet, Melanie Normaine, Katie Holman, Lyn Beausoleil, Erin Young, Micah Moses, Emelle, Patrick O'Dowl, Crystal Nelson, George Brand, Matt Liffreing, Christopher Maxwell
Writers: Ulli Lommel
Director: Ulli Lommel

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