A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) Movie Review

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

2012 | R | Horror, Comedy

User Score: 62/100


A crime novelist whose research on Victorian serial killers has turned him into a paranoid wreck must confront his worst fears when a film executive takes a sudden interest in his movie script.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) is a comedy horror movie that was anything, but fantastic. It did a great job capturing my attention with its intriguing weirdness and bold approach. I was bored throughout the entire movie, but my curiosity got the best of me. I watched the movie to see what it was about. I am not sure of what to say about director and writer Crispian Mills because this was his first movie. I gave this movie a four because the disease in this movie is real, and I am happy Crispian made a movie about it. It was unique, creepy, engaging, a little funny and contained bad language. There was one frightening scene where a man had an eyeball in his mouth. The funny moment for me was at the laundry when he accidentally threw his underwear across the room, and a pretty female returned it to him and he claims that it is not his.

Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) did a great performance as Jack. Jack is a man that is terrified of being murdered. He was a children’s author and became a crime author afterwards. He was very dedicated to his first book, Harold the Hedgehog, which destroyed his marriage. His research about Victorian serial killers led him to being extremely paranoid about people watching him all the time and trying to kill him.

Jack learns that serial killer Hanoi Handshake Killer is in his neighborhood and is cutting off eight fingers from his victims. He is so paranoid that he gives carolers money in a sock, jumps at the ring of the phone, shuts his window with superglue, dries his clothes in the oven, superglued a knife to his hand, opens a smoking oven that blows him across the room and is terrified of going to the laundry. Jack’s paranoias are due to him being abandoned by his mother as a child, and he is afraid of hedgehogs because something awful happen to him as a child. Jack soon learns why he is afraid of the laundromat and hedgehogs after encountering an incident involving police at the laundromat. He was forced to go to the laundry after his attempt of washing the clothes in the oven failed. Jack remembered that his mother abandon him in a laundromat and left him with a book about hedgehogs to read.

I would not recommend this movie because it was boring to watch but at the same time kept me engaged because I wanted to know what will happen and what it is really about.

About A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

Title: A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Year: 2012
Starring: Simon Pegg, Kerry Shale, Kiran Shah, Clare Higgins, Simon Kunz, Fabio Vollono, Michael Feast, Paul Freeman, Harley Kierans, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Kamal Onyiukah, Anna Madeley, Millie Hagland, Pamela Cundell, Baxter Westby, Jay Taylor, Alan Drake, Teresa Churcher, Zaak Conway, Karan Plah, Mara Ashton, Jack Jaikol Situn, Bernard Cribbins, Charlie Covell, Don McCulloch, Johnny Alston, Henry Bowers-Broadbent, Golda John, Lieve Carchon, Tuyet Le
Director: Crispian Mills, Chris Hopewell
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.1/5 stars from 61 users. Votes: 61.
Genre: Horror, Comedy
MPAA Rating: R

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