Deep Impact (1998) Movie Review

Deep Impact (1998)

1998 | PG-13 | Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Action
120 minutes /

User Score: 50/100


Unless a comet can be destroyed before colliding with Earth, only those allowed into shelters will survive. Which people will survive?

Deep Impact Review

A great big rock hits the earth, and lots of people die. That’s pretty much all there is to it, and most of that was in the trailer. Can a major Hollywood movie really squeak by with such a slender excuse for a premise? The old disaster-movie king, cheese-meister Irwin Allen (The Poseidon Adventure, Earthquake), would have made a kitsch classic out of this, with Charlton Heston, rather than a resigned and mumbly Robert Duvall, as the veteran astronaut who risks several lives trying to blow up the comet that’s headed right this way! As stiffly directed by Mimi Leder, this thick slice of ham errs on the side of solemnity. It may the be most earnest end-of-the-world picture since Stanley Kramer’s atomic-doom drama On the Beach. There are a couple of classic melodramatic flourishes: an estranged father and daughter who share a tearful reconciliation as a Godzilla-sized tidal wave looms on the horizon; and an astronaut, communicating on video with his loved ones back on Earth, who follows whispered instructions from a buddy lurking just off camera—so that his little boy won’t realize that he’s been struck blind. With Morgan Freeman as the president of the United States. —David Chute

About Deep Impact (1998)

Title: Deep Impact
Original Title: Impact
Year: 1998
Runtime: 120 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Action
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.5/5 stars from 6 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 6
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Starring: Elijah Wood, Thomas Rosales Jr., Morgan Freeman, Dougray Scott, Leo Rogstad, Pamela Fischer, W. Earl Brown, Mark Moses, Una Damon, Francis X. McCarthy, Ron Eldard, James Cromwell, Charles Rahi Chun, Denise Crosby, Jon Favreau, Matt Bennett, Leelee Sobieski, Phil Hawn, Cynthia Ettinger, Mic Rodgers, Christopher Darga, Janette Andrade, Richard Schiff, Tucker Smallwood, Eric Alan Wendell, James E. Ash, Rya Kihlstedt, Cullen G. Chambers, Gerry Griffin, Kimberly Huie
Writers: Bruce Joel Rubin, Michael Tolkin
Director: Mimi Leder

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