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  • The Disappointments Room (2016) - Trailer

    D.J. Caruso's The Disappointments Room (2016) movie trailer looks thrilling and entertaining for the new film releasing in movie theaters on September 9, 2016. Kate Beckinsale stars as the hottie with blonde hair who is tempted by what is in the locked room not on the floor plans. Kate Beckinsale, Lucas Till, and Gerald McRaney star in The Disappointments Room. The film stars Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido, with Gerald McRaney and Lucas Till and directed…

    Tags for The Disappointments Room (2016) - Trailer: drama, horror, thriller, movie, trailer, 2016, The Disappointments Room, D.J. Caruso, Kate Beckinsale, Lucas Till, Gerald McRaney
  • Rats (2016) - Trailer

    Rats (2016) - Trailer

    Morgan Spurlock's Rats (2016) documentary movie trailer looks terrifying which is a part of those real life scary things that are currently on the verge of happening. This trailer goes on to explain the pandemic issue that is going on around the world, rats are infesting a greater number of areas and are becoming immune to most poisons. The rats are evolving at a far greater number compared to humans and seeing these little critters…

    Tags for Rats (2016) - Trailer: documentary, movie, trailer, 2016, Rats, Morgan Spurlock, discovery channel
  • Dead Awake (2016) - Trailer

    Dead Awake (2016) - Trailer

    Phillip Guzman's Dead Awake (2016) takes the sleep paralysis phenomenon onto a whole new level with victims piling up courtesy of "The Hag." Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination (2000), Final Destination 2 (2003)) is the writer behind Dead Awake, and there seems to be a great deal of potential scary scenes. "The Hag" entity seems to blend that scary old woman like Insidious and the Shadow People phenomenon into a terrifying experience. I cannot wait to…

    Tags for Dead Awake (2016) - Trailer: horror, thriller, movie, trailer, 2016, dead awake, Phillip Guzman, Lori Petty, Jesse Bradford, Brea Grant
  • Daylight's End (2016) - Trailer

    Daylight's End (2016) - Trailer

    Director William Kaufman brings us the latest Lance Henriksen zombie movie in Daylight's End (2016). Daylight's End received a limited theatrical release and VOD release on August 26, 2016. This movie trailer promises some intense action scenes that should entertain most zombie fans, myself included. Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, and Louis Mandylor star in Daylight's End. From the Press Release: Daylight's End is a post-apocalyptic thriller. From director William Kaufman and writer Chad Law, this…

    Tags for Daylight's End (2016) - Trailer: action, horror, fantasy, movie, trailer, 2016, Daylight's End, William Kaufman, Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, Louis Mandylor, zombies
  • Passengers (2016) - Trailer

    Passengers (2016) - Trailer

    Morten Tyldum's Passengers (2016) set the internet on fire with over 8.6 million views so far. This film is not plagued with the many slow scenes that these types of flicks have. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt wake up 90 years too early than everyone else on the spaceship and end up falling in love somehow. The last moments of the trailer leave us with Pratt saying that he knows why they woke up early…

    Tags for Passengers (2016) - Trailer: adventure, drama, romance, movie, trailer, 2016, passengers, Morten Tyldum, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen
  • Shut In (2016) - Trailer

    Shut In (2016) - Trailer

    Shut In (2016) is directed by Farren Blackburn from a screenplay by Christina Hodson. This movie trailer looks amazing with the supposed twist ending hidden in the clues within this trailer. Naomi Watts plays her role terrifically as a mother who is shut in taking care of her disabled son. Is a ghost haunting this mother or is she hallucinating? Naomi Watts (The Ring, The Impossible), Oliver Platt, David Cubitt, and Jacob Tremblay (Room, Before…

    Tags for Shut In (2016) - Trailer: drama, thriller, movie, trailer, 2016, Shut In, Farren Blackburn, Christina Hodson, Naomi Watts, Oliver Platt, David Cubitt, Jacob Tremblay
  • The Caretaker (2016) - Trailer

    The Caretaker (2016) - Trailer

    Jeff Prugh's The Caretaker (2016) movie trailer is incredibly eerie and tension building. There is a feeling of dread, but I just do not feel scared at any moment. I am not one of those movie fans who like the slow build up to a ten-minute grand finale. The Caretaker releases on VOD and in movie theaters on September 30, 2016. Meegan Warner, Sondra Kerr Blake, Sean Martini, and Chanel Celaya star in The Caretaker.

    Tags for The Caretaker (2016) - Trailer: horror, thriller, movie, trailer, 2016, The Caretaker, Jeff Prugh, Meegan Warner, Sondra Kerr Blake, Sean Martini, Chanel Celaya
  • The Eyes of My Mother (2016) - Trailer

    The Eyes of My Mother (2016) - Trailer

    The Eyes of My Mother (2016) is an indie horror film by Nicolas Pesce. This film looks completely twisted and demented. If you are into that kind of thing, check out the trailer and share your thoughts. The Eyes of My Mother releases in limited movie theaters and on VOD this December 2, 2016. Diana Agostini, Olivia Bond, and Will Brill star in The Eyes of My Mother.

    Tags for The Eyes of My Mother (2016) - Trailer: drama, horror, movie, trailer, 2016, The Eyes of My Mother, Nicolas Pesce, Diana Agostini, Olivia Bond, Will Brill
  • Don't Kill It (2016) - Trailer

    Don't Kill It (2016) - Trailer

    Don't Kill It (2016) is directed by Mike Mendez and seems like it is the better Dolph Lundgren horror film. Dolph Lundgren even attempts an American cowboy accent. Don't Kill It will premiere this weekend at Fantastic Fest 2016. This trailer is pretty funny with Lundgren shooting a priest and telling everyone it is okay; it was a rubber bullet. Also starring are Kristina Klebe and Billy Slaughter.

    Tags for Don't Kill It (2016) - Trailer: fantasy, horror, movie, trailer, 2016, Don't Kill It, mike mendez, Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe, Billy Slaughter, fantastic fest 2016
  • The Windmill (2016) - Trailer

    The Windmill (2016) - Trailer

    Nick Jongerius' The Windmill (2016), aka The Windmill Massacre (2016), is what many are calling Jeepers Creepers meets Friday the 13th. I watched this trailer with high expectations but they were not met. The film looks okay but nothing special. This trailer started off so slow then about half way in finally started to speed up into the horror scares we were waiting for. The scares were moderate but never frightening. The Windmill stars Charlotte…

    Tags for The Windmill (2016) - Trailer: drama, horror, movie, trailer, 2016, The Windmill, Nick Jongerius, Charlotte Beaumont, Bart Klever, Patrick Baladi, Ben Batt, Fiona Hampton, Tanroh Ishida, Adam Thomas Wright, Noah Taylor, XLrator Media
  • Downhill (2016) - Trailer

    Downhill (2016) - Trailer

    Director Patricio Valladares is bringing us an action sports horror film in Downhill (2016). I am a little interested to see how the sports aspect plays into the story. This trailer shows some scary HP Lovecraftian scenes with tentacles protruding from victims and horrific looking makeup effects. Downhill premiered at London's Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 and will also show at the Sitges Festival 2016 in Spain this October 2016. Natalie Burn, Ignacia Allamand, and Ariel…

    Tags for Downhill (2016) - Trailer: horror, movie, action, sport, trailer, 2016, Downhill, Patricio Valladares, Natalie Burn, Ignacia Allamand, Ariel Levy
  • Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) - Trailer / Posters

    Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) - Trailer / Posters

    The latest zombie film trailer is for Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick's Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016). This film trailer is unique and will most likely leave you a little confused. A zombie T-Rex rampaging should be awesome, and it looks good at times but still leaves a bunch of mixed feelings in the end. Ben Johnson, Andy Haman, Mia Klosterman, Ruselis Perry, Shale le Page, Nicole Goeke, Adam Singer, Raquel Pennington, Cooper Hoag, Juan…

    Tags for Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) - Trailer / Posters: sci-fi, movie- trailer, 2016, Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead, zombies, Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick, Ben Johnson, Andy Haman, Mia Klosterman, Ruselis Perry, Shale le Page, Nicole Goeke, Adam Singer, Raquel Pennington, Cooper Hoag, Juan Gonzalez

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