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Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World 2015
Our Score: 8/10
+56% Like of 25 votes

Michael Papajohn, Elton LeBlanc, Cynthia LeBlanc, Geraldine Glenn, Slim Khezri - Jurassic World (2015) is an American science fiction adventure movie that is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park movie series. Director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed (2012), Home Base…

Ava's Possessions (2015)

Ava's Possessions 2015
Our Score: 9/10
+71% Like of 24 votes

William Sadler, Lou Taylor Pucci, Carol Kane, Whitney Able, Joel de la Fuente - Ava's Possessions (2015) is an American that is 89 minutes long is filled with glorious moments. Director and writer Jordan Galland (21 (2008), Tiny Furniture (2010), Alter Egos (2012), Life of Crime…

The Culling (2015)

The Culling 2015
Our Score: 2/10
+67% Like of 24 votes

Johnathon Schaech, Jeremy Sumpter, Met Salih, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Chris Coy - The Culling (2015) is an American thriller horror movie that is 81 minutes long. Director and writer Rustam Branaman (The Rapture (1991), Another Happy Tear (2000), The Girl Gets Moe (1997), Headless…

The Vatican Tapes (2015)

The Vatican Tapes 2015
Our Score: 4/10
+50% Like of 24 votes

Michael Paré, Djimon Hounsou, Dougray Scott, Cas Anvar, Alison Lohman - The Vatican Tapes (2015) is an American supernatural horror movie that horror fans should wait to see when it is on TV. Director Mark Neveldine (Crank (2006), Crank: High Voltage (2009), Gamer (2009),…

The Nightmare (2015)

The Nightmare 2015
Our Score: 5/10
+54% Like of 24 votes

Siegfried Peters, Steven Yvette, Age Wilson, Yatoya Toy, Nicole Bosworth - The Nightmare (2015) is an American documentary that you will either love or dislike. The movie was an okay watch for me that scared me tremendously but is something that I will not see again. Director…

Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015)

Dead Rising: Watchtower 2015
Our Score: 5/10
+74% Like of 23 votes

Virginia Madsen, C. Ernst Harth, Reese Alexander, Patrick Sabongui, Gary Jones - Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) is an American action horror thriller zombie movie that is based on the video game with the same name from Capcom. The movie is 118 minutes long and was filmed in Burnaby,…

Let Us Prey (2015)

Let Us Prey 2015
Our Score: 7/10
+65% Like of 23 votes

Liam Cunningham, Pollyanna McIntosh, Bryan Larkin, Niall Greig Fulton, James McCreadie - Let Us Prey (2015) is a horror movie with some amazing twists that will make you wonder. Director Brian O'Malley did an awesome job directing his first full-length movie after directing two short…

Dark Moon Rising (2015)

Dark Moon Rising 2015
Our Score: 1/10
+57% Like of 23 votes

Eric Roberts, Justin Price, Amber Peirson, Jared Allman, Greg H. Trevino - Dark Moon Rising (2015) is an American fantasy horror movie that is 124 (two hours and four minutes) minutes long. I had no interest in seeing this movie from seeing the trailer and cover image - it gave…

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