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The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015)

The Last House on Cemetery Lane 2015
Our Score: 1/10
+53% Like of 15 votes

Kelly Jones, Lee Bane, Vivien Bridson, Georgina Blackledge, Tessa Wood - The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015) is a UK so-called horror movie that will not even make you shiver one bit but I am almost sure that it will make you want to fall asleep if you actually do not.…

Wild Card (2015)

Wild Card 2015
Our Score: 7/10
+53% Like of 15 votes

Michael Papajohn, Cynthia LeBlanc, Kyle Russell Clements, Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson, Milo Ventimiglia - Wild Card (2015) is an American action crime thriller that is based on the William Goldman novel Heat (1985) and is a remake of Wild Cards (1986). Director Simon West (Con Air (1997), The Expendables…

Hayride 2 (2015)

Hayride 2 2015
Our Score: 1/10
+57% Like of 14 votes

Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Richard Tyson, Corlandos Scott, David 'Shark' Fralick, James Rawlings - Hayride 2 (2015) is an American horror movie that is 92 minutes long that was a total waste of my time. This movie was plain awful, and I am beginning to think, why are so many terrible movies being made…

Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man 2015
Our Score: 9/10
+64% Like of 14 votes

Stan Lee, Tom Kenny, Rick Avery, Joe Chrest, Paul Rudd - Ant-Man (2015) is an American action sci-fi superhero movie that is based on Marvel Comic characters: Scott Lang and Hank Pym. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has no choice but to help defend Dr. Pym's (Michael…

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Insidious: Chapter 3 2015
Our Score: 6/10
+54% Like of 13 votes

Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Michael Reid MacKay, Angus Sampson, Steve Coulter - Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) is an American horror movie that I was greatly anticipating to see. I am a huge fan of the Insidious series. Insidious director and writer Leigh Whannell (Saw (2004), Insidious:…

Stung (2015)

Stung 2015
Our Score: 7/10
+54% Like of 13 votes

Lance Henriksen, Clifton Collins Jr., Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Daniele Rizzo - Stung (2015) is a German/American romance comedy horror movie that will have you laughing throughout the film. Director Benni Diez (Melancholia (2011), Druckbolzen (2003), Kingz (2007)) did an excellent…

The Burning Dead (2015)

The Burning Dead 2015
Our Score: 2/10
+67% Like of 12 votes

Danny Trejo, Thomas Downey, Jeff Miller, Mark Sikes, Tom Nagel - The Burning Dead (2015) is an American Indie low budget horror movie that is also known as Volcano Zombies (2015). Director Rene Perez (The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014), Alien Showdown: The…

The Vatican Tapes (2015)

The Vatican Tapes 2015
Our Score: 4/10
+55% Like of 11 votes

Michael Paré, Djimon Hounsou, Dougray Scott, Daniel Bernhardt, Cas Anvar - The Vatican Tapes (2015) is an American supernatural horror movie that horror fans should wait to see when it is on TV. Director Mark Neveldine (Crank (2006), Crank: High Voltage (2009), Gamer (2009),…

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