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Extinction (2015)

Extinction 2015
Our Score: 6/10
+64% Like of 14 votes

Matt Devere, Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan, Adam Zambryzcki, Julio Perillán - Extinction (2015) is a science fiction horror movie that is filled with drama and is also known as Welcome to Harmony (2015). Director Miguel Angel Vivas (Kidnapped (2010), I'll See You in My Dreams…

Slumlord (2015)

Slumlord 2015
Our Score: 6/10
+64% Like of 14 votes

Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe, Sean Carrigan, Neville Archambault, Sarah Baldwin - Slumlord (2015) is an American drama horror movie that has a boring cover image but was surprisingly entertaining. The title and cover image did justice to the film because that is exactly what we receive…

They Look Like People (2015)

They Look Like People 2015
Our Score: 8/10
+69% Like of 13 votes

MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel, Margaret Ying Drake, Mick Casale, Elena Greenlee - They Look Like People (2015) is an American drama mystery movie filled with thrills and incredible scenes. Director, editor, cinematographer, producer and writer Perry Blackshear did a marvelous job executing…

The Dark Below (2015)

The Dark Below 2015
Our Score: 8/10
+54% Like of 13 votes

Veronica Cartwright, Tiffany Burns, Lauren Mae Shafer, Seraphina Anne, David G.B. Brown - The Dark Below (2015) is an American thriller horror movie that touched me and made me emotional to see how monstrous humans can be. Director, producer and co-writer Douglas Schulze (Mimesis (2011), Dark…

The Pact 2 (2014)

The Pact 2 2014
Our Score: 3/10
+56% Like of 25 votes

Mark Steger, Trent Haaga, Brad Grunberg, Patrick Fischler, Suziey Block - The Pact 2 (2014) is an American mystery-thriller horror movie that is the sequel to The Pact (2012). The Pact 2 did not progress much more than the original Pact. The movie seemed to drag on and stretched…

Dreadtime Stories (2014)

Dreadtime Stories 2014
Our Score: 8/10
+60% Like of 25 votes

Ronny Holiday, Autumn Caro, Sapphire Grim, Jessica Perez, Armando Valdez - Dreadtime Stories (2014) is an American low budget (about $2,000) thriller horror movie that is 105 minutes and was filmed in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. It is an anthology movie that is comprised of…

Dark Was the Night (2014)

Dark Was the Night 2014
Our Score: 7/10
+68% Like of 25 votes

Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas, Nick Damici, Bianca Kajlich, Steve Agee - Dark Was the Night (2014) was an American drama thriller horror movie that was filmed in Southampton, Long Island, New York, USA. Director Jack Heller (Enter Nowhere (2011)) did a phenomenal job…

Kristy (2014)

Kristy 2014
Our Score: 5/10
+56% Like of 25 votes

David Jensen, Lucas Till, Ashley Greene, John L. Armijo, Wayne Pére - Kristy (2014) is an American thriller horror movie that is also known as Random (2014) and was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch (2008), Wonderful World (1998), Vinyan…

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