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The Burning Dead (2015)

The Burning Dead 2015
Our Score: 2/10
+57% Like of 14 votes

Danny Trejo, Thomas Downey, Noel Jason Scott, Pat Jankiewicz, Jeff Miller - The Burning Dead (2015) is an American Indie low budget horror movie that is also known as Volcano Zombies (2015). Director Rene Perez (The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014), Alien Showdown: The…

Slumlord (2015)

Slumlord 2015
Our Score: 6/10
+64% Like of 14 votes

Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe, Sean Carrigan, Neville Archambault, Sarah Baldwin - Slumlord (2015) is an American drama horror movie that has a boring cover image but was surprisingly entertaining. The title and cover image did justice to the film because that is exactly what we receive…

Strange Blood (2015)

Strange Blood 2015
Our Score: 5/10
+64% Like of 14 votes

Ian Whittaker, Cathy Zukimoto, Robert Brettenaugh, Alexandra Bard, Scott Harders - Strange Blood (2015) is an American horror film that is directed by first-time full-length director Chad Michael Ward, who also wrote the screenplay. Strange Blood is one of those films that will make…

Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015)

Cowboys vs Dinosaurs 2015
Our Score: 4/10
+43% Like of 14 votes

Eric Roberts, Vernon Wells, Sara Malakul Lane, Andrew Martin, Kelcey Watson - Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015) is an American science fiction action film produced and directed by Ari Novak (Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Able Danger (2008), Oy Vey! (2007)) whose inexperience shows in…

They Look Like People (2015)

They Look Like People 2015
Our Score: 8/10
+69% Like of 13 votes

MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel, Margaret Ying Drake, Mick Casale, Elena Greenlee - They Look Like People (2015) is an American drama mystery movie filled with thrills and incredible scenes. Director, editor, cinematographer, producer and writer Perry Blackshear did a marvelous job executing…

The Dark Below (2015)

The Dark Below 2015
Our Score: 8/10
+54% Like of 13 votes

Veronica Cartwright, Tiffany Burns, Lauren Mae Shafer, Seraphina Anne, David G.B. Brown - The Dark Below (2015) is an American thriller horror movie that touched me and made me emotional to see how monstrous humans can be. Director, producer and co-writer Douglas Schulze (Mimesis (2011), Dark…

Deep Dark (2015)

Deep Dark 2015
Our Score: 5/10
+46% Like of 13 votes

Hank Cartwright, Don Alder, Sean McGrath, John Nielsen, Sharon McWilliams - Deep Dark (2015) is an American fantasy horror movie that was filmed in Portland, Oregon, USA, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA, People's Art of Portland Gallery, Portland, Oregon,…

Pay the Ghost (2015)

Pay the Ghost 2015
Our Score: 5/10
+54% Like of 13 votes

Nicolas Cage, Stephen McHattie, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Ho Chow, Janet Lo - Pay the Ghost (2015) is a Canadian-American supernatural thriller horror film that was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and New York City, New York, USA. Director Uli Edel (The Baader Meinhof Complex…

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