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  • Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

    Hotel Transylvania 2 2015
    Our Score: 9/10

    Steve Blum, Anthony J Sacco, Lex Lang, Fred Tatasciore, Kirk Thornton - Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) is an American family computer-animated fantasy movie that can be viewed in 3, filled with comedy and is the sequel to Hotel Transylvania (2012). The movie had a budget of…

  • VANish (2015)

    VANish 2015
    Our Score: 7/10

    Danny Trejo, Tony Todd, Lena Banks, Luis Deveze, Dan Brunker - VANish (2015) is an American action crime horror movie that was filmed in several location in California, USA. Newbie director, producer, actor and writer Bryan Bockbrader did a fantastic job debuting…

  • Krampus: The Reckoning (2015)

    Krampus: The Reckoning 2015
    Our Score: 2/10

    Trevor Robins, Alexandria Stevens, Shawn Saavedra, Kim A. Huenecke, Gianna Frangella - Krampus: The Reckoning (2015) is an American horror Christmas film that contains nudity, sexual content, bad language, and violence. Director and screenplay writer Robert Conway (Exit to Hell (2013),…

  • Hansel vs. Gretel (2015)

    Hansel vs. Gretel 2015
    Our Score: 4/10

    Maria Olsen, Aqueela Zoll, Kevin Yarbrough, Brent Lydic, David Pearl - Hansel vs. Gretel (2015) is an American horror movie that was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. Director Ben Demaree (I Am Omega (2007), AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (2007), Sharknado (2013), Sharknado…

  • Almost Mercy (2015)

    Almost Mercy 2015
    Our Score: 8/10

    Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Nick Principe, Eddie Resendes, Noel Ramos - Almost Mercy (2015) is an American horror film that contains revenge, animal torture, school shooting, female murderer, cop killer, suicide by pills, the murder of a child molester, pedophile priest,…

  • Curve (2015)

    Curve 2015
    Our Score: 5/10

    Kurt Bryant, Drew Rausch, Penelope Mitchell, Julianne Hough, Teddy Sears - Curve (2015) is an American horror thriller that is 81 minutes and was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, USA and Los Angeles, California, USA. Director Iain Softley (K-PAX (2001), The Skeleton Key…

  • The Dooms Chapel Horror (2015)

    The Dooms Chapel Horror 2015
    Our Score: 7/10

    Bill Oberst Jr., Kyle Davis, Christopher Bower, Rebecca Lines, Wendy Keeling - The Dooms Chapel Horror (2015) is an American horror found footage documentary style movie that was filmed in Paducah, Kentucky, USA. John Holt has directed a few short films before but this is his first…

  • The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015)

    The Last House on Cemetery Lane 2015
    Our Score: 1/10

    Kelly Jones, Lee Bane, Vivien Bridson, Georgina Blackledge, Tessa Wood - The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015) is a UK so-called horror movie that will not even make you shiver one bit but I am almost sure that it will make you want to fall asleep if you actually do not.…

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