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Headless (2015)

Headless (2015) is an American horror movie that delivered more than I expected. Director Arthur Cullipher (Found (2012), Psycho Street…

Devil's Highway
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Devil's Highway (2005)

Full of road-weary travelers with secrets to keep and lies to tell, a gritty tour bus follows a sun-baked desert…

Highlander: The Source
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Highlander: The Source (2007)

Highlander: The Source (2007) is a science fiction adventure movie that is the fifth and final installment of the Highlander…

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Jessabelle (2014)

Jessabelle (2014) is an American horror thriller movie that was filmed in North Carolina. Director Kevin Greutert (Visions (2014), Saw…

Terminator Salvation
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Terminator Salvation (2009)

In the aftermath of Judgment Day and the machine takeover, resistance leader John Connor (Christian Bale) must counter Skynet’s plan…

Logan's Run
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Logan's Run (1976)

Logan's Run (1976) is an American science fiction adventure movie that is filled with action and is based on William…

Kill Switch
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Kill Switch (2008)

Detective Jacob Stillwell (Steven Seagal) is one of the most celebrated homicide detectives in the country. His brutal delivery of…

Grandpa's Psycho
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Grandpa's Psycho (2015)

Grandpa's Psycho (2015) is an American psychological thriller that does not contain comedy but instead many disturbing images. Director and…