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Playback (2012)

Julian sets out to reenact the town's gruesome Harlan Diehl family murders for a school project. He asks the social…



Constantine (2005)

Warner Brothers Constantine (Blu-ray)In the grand scheme of theological thrillers, Constantine aspires for the greatness of The Exorcist but ranks…



Halloweentown (1998)

On Halloween, Grandma Aggie comes to visit her grandchildren and wants to start granddaughter Marnia’s witch training before her 13th…



Fallen (1998)

Denzel Washington starred in a demon film and yes it was good. The Fallen is about a demon who can…

Killjoy Goes to Hell


Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012)

Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012) is an American horror-comedy that is the fourth installment in the Killjoy franchise. Director and…

Resident Evil - Extinction


Resident Evil - Extinction (2007)

Milla Jovovich is back in the third chapter of the hugely successful Resident Evilfranchise! This action-packed horror film is set…



Troy (2004)

Troy has many mixed reviews. This is my opinion of the movie though. I enjoyed Troy a lot. Troy is…

Avengers Grimm


Avengers Grimm (2015)

Avengers Grimm (2015) is an American science fiction action adventure movie that is 86 minutes long and was filmed in…