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Mansquito (2005)

Mansquito (2005) is an American Sci-Fi horror movie that is also known as Mosquitoman. Director Tibor Takács (The Gate (1987),…

Loved Ones
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Loved Ones (2009)

In the dark damp Twilight of Seattle s underbelly a secret war begins . . . Gus, a Seattle undercover…

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Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended (2014) is an American found footage supernatural horror movie that is also known as Offline (2014) and was initially…

Demon Slayer
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Demon Slayer (2004)

I write this review as a fan and collector of bad movies. I love bad horror. I did not pop…

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Incubus (2006)

Tara Reid stars in a gruesome tale about a group of attractive young college students forced to seek shelter in…

The Graves
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The Graves (2009)

On their last weekend together, Megan and Abby Graves are lost in a remote part of the Arizona desert where…

The Midnight Game
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The Midnight Game (2013)

The Midnight Game (2013) is an American supernatural thriller that is based on the creepypasta of the same name. Director…

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Lockout (2006)

LOCKOUT is the story of an American man who gets fired when he fails to adapt to certain changes in…