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Armistice (2013)

Armistice (2013) is a psychological and supernatural horror thriller that disappointed me. First time director and writer Luke Massey (500…

Anarchy Parlor
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Anarchy Parlor (2014)

Anarchy Parlor (2014) is a Lithuanian-English horror movie, originally titled Parlor (2014) and was filmed in Vilnius, Lithuania. First-time full-length…

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Deceptors (2008)

In the mysterious town of Nilbog you find great eateries, fantastic landscapes, and lots and lots of extraterrestrial demons hell…

The Jacket
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The Jacket (2005)

The Jacket (2005) is a psychological thriller science fiction movie that was filmed in various parts of Canada and Scotland,…

Japanese Hell
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Japanese Hell (1999)

From The King of the Japanese Cult Movie Teruo Ishii! A controversial film in which actual cases that roiled modern-day…

A Fantastic Fear of Everything
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A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) is a comedy horror movie that was anything, but fantastic. It did a great…

The Dark Below
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The Dark Below (2015)

The Dark Below (2015) is an American thriller horror movie that touched me and made me emotional to see how…

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Rebound (2014)

Rebound (2014) is an American mystery thriller horror movie that entertained me more than I anticipated. Director and writer Megan…