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Deceptors (2008)

In the mysterious town of Nilbog you find great eateries, fantastic landscapes, and lots and lots of extraterrestrial demons hell…

The Jacket


The Jacket (2005)

The Jacket (2005) is a psychological thriller science fiction movie that was filmed in various parts of Canada and Scotland,…

Japanese Hell


Japanese Hell (1999)

From The King of the Japanese Cult Movie Teruo Ishii! A controversial film in which actual cases that roiled modern-day…

A Fantastic Fear of Everything


A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) is a comedy horror movie that was anything, but fantastic. It did a great…

The Dark Below


The Dark Below (2015)

The Dark Below (2015) is an American thriller horror movie that touched me and made me emotional to see how…



Rebound (2014)

Rebound (2014) is an American mystery thriller horror movie that entertained me more than I anticipated. Director and writer Megan…

Hell High


Hell High (1989)

A teacher with a paranormal gift and a dark past, is forced to her limits when she becomes the target…

The Boy


The Boy (2015)

The Boy (2015) is an American thriller drama horror movie that is loosely based on Clay McLeod Chapman novel. Director…