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Anaconda (1997)

Anaconda (1997) is an action adventure thriller horror movie that was not what I expected and did not meet my…

Witchblade - TV Anime


Witchblade - TV Anime (2006)

Sought by the greed of Men since the dawn of Humankind, but only bestowed upon the woman whose fate it…

Demon Summer


Demon Summer (2004)

Every small town has secrets. 20 years ago, the small town of Louisville was stunned by the gruesome death of…

Blood & Donuts


Blood & Donuts (1995)

Blood Donuts is about a depressed vampire who awakens from slumber in a slow little town. This movie was so…



Onibaba (1964)

Deep within the wind-swept marshes of war-torn medieval Japan, an impoverished mother and her daughter-in-law eke out a lonely, desperate…

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

It all begins... with a choice. In the third chapter of Stephenie Meyer's phenomenal Twilight series, Bella Swan is surrounded…



Housebound (2014)

Housebound (2014) is a New Zealand comedy horror movie that could possibly be the haunted house movie of the year…

Shaun of the Dead


Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Zombies are one of those horror staples that have gotten putrid, after one too many idiotic blood'n'gore-fests with a revolting…