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Ghoul (2015)

Ghoul (2015) is a Czech 3D thriller horror found footage movie that did not work in many ways. Director, producer,…



Demons (1985)

Lamberto Bava, son of the Italian horror legend and giallo godfather Mario Bava, teamed up with modern master Dario Argento…



Mama (2013)

Mama is definitely in my top ten list. It is a must see for all horror fans. Director and writer…

The Girl Next Door


The Girl Next Door (2007)

The Girl Next Door (2007) is an American drama crime horror movie that is loosely based on a real event.…

R.L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly


R.L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly (2008)

Max is hardly a typical 11-year-old: he loves magic, detests sports, and can’t seem to say a single word to…



Sightseers (2012)

Director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field in England, High Rise) executed this movie to the worst of his abilities.…