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Hansel vs. Gretel
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Hansel vs. Gretel (2015)

Hansel vs. Gretel (2015) is an American horror movie that was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. Director Ben Demaree…

Vampire Girl vs.Frankenstein Girl
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Vampire Girl vs.Frankenstein Girl (2009)

The deranged genius behind Tokyo Gore Police is back with a chilling new flick that’s re-writing the hallowed history of…

Coffin Baby
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Coffin Baby (2013)

Coffin Baby (2013) is an American horror movie that is also known as Coffin Baby - The Toolbox Killer Is…

Dolly Dearest
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Dolly Dearest (1991)

Dolly Dearest (1991) is an American thriller horror movie that was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, USA. Director and screenplay…

Old 37
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Old 37 (2015)

Old 37 (2015) is an American horror film that made me a little scared of how harsh life can be.…

Demon Summer
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Demon Summer (2004)

Every small town has secrets. 20 years ago, the small town of Louisville was stunned by the gruesome death of…

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Slither (2006)

With laughs and gross-outs aplenty, Slither is the best horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead. Having written for the…

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014) is a comedy action horror movie that is the sequel to 2009 movie,…