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Office Killer
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Office Killer (1997)

Favorite screen stars Jeanne Tripplehorn (MICKEY BLUE EYES, SLIDING DOORS), Carol Kane (THE PALLBEARER, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES), and Molly Ringwald…

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

A hunter, a scientist, a vampire, an invisible man, an immortal, a spy, a beast…when a masked madman known as…

Inner Demons
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Inner Demons (2014)

Inner Demons (2014) is an American horror movie that disappointed me greatly. Director Seth Grossman (The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations…

Hellraiser 6 (VI): Hellseeker
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Hellraiser 6 (VI): Hellseeker (2002)

What is this? I mean this is not Hellraiser. One thing the film makers should realize is that Hellraiser is…