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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

This Friday used the same used up scenario as previous films but put a small and almost meaningless twist on…

Dragon Wars - D-War
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Dragon Wars - D-War (2007)

Meet Buraki, the vicious, 200-meter long Imoogi serpent from ancient Korea. His army includes giant lizards with missile launchers, flying…

Shira: The Vampire Samurai
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Shira: The Vampire Samurai (2005)

Shira, is a half-human, half-vampire woman warrior skilled in the deadly ways of the Samurai. She has been prophesized to…

One Missed Call
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One Missed Call (2008)

It happens to one. Then another. And another. College students discover eerie voicemail messages on their cell phones. Each call…

Hell House: The Book of Samiel
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Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008)

Before the beginning of time demons covered the darkness. After humans took possession of the earths several books came into…

Home Made
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Home Made (2008)

Follow Jack Hess, the most controversial filmmaker ever known to mankind as he battles to make the ultimate snuff film.…

Dead Moon Rising
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Dead Moon Rising (2007)

A mysterious disease overtakes the world, and the infected develop a hankering for human flesh. Jim and his fellow Cheapskate…

The Color of Magic
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The Color of Magic (2008)

Inside a magical realm known as Discworld, a naive tourist is on holiday until a terrible fire breaks out, forcing…