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Graveyard Shift


Graveyard Shift (1987)

Graveyard Shift (1987) is a Canadian horror movie that did not meet my expectations for an oldie. Graveyard Shift's name…

Tale of a Vampire


Tale of a Vampire (1992)

Tale of a Vampire (1992) is a UK low-budget romance drama horror movie that shot the film with spectacular angles,…



Gingerclown (2013)

Gingerclown (2013) is a Hungarian horror comedy that was shot at the Budapest Amusement Park during the night, except one…

Zombie Diaries 2


Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)

Three months have passed since a viral outbreak destroyed 99.9% from the world's population, turning its sufferers into flesh-eating living…



V/H/S/2 (2013)

V/H/S/2 is an Indonesian-American found footage anthology horror film that was originally named S-VHS. V/H/S/2 contains less nude and sexuality…

Dude Bro Party Massacre III


Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)

Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) is an American comedy horror movie that most 80’s and 90’s horror fan would…

The Vatican Tapes


The Vatican Tapes (2015)

The Vatican Tapes (2015) is an American supernatural horror movie that horror fans should wait to see when it is…

Wolf Creek


Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek (2005) is an Australian horror movie that was a nice movie to watch and is based on some…