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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot

Proven: 26
Unproven: 60

AKA(s): Docteur Satan

Alias: Yonne Auxerre

Birth Name: Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot

Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot - Serial Killer

Mary Bell

Proven: 2
Unproven: NA

AKA(s): The Tyneside Strangler

Birth Name: Mary Flora Bell

Mary Bell - Serial Killer

Mary Bell started her killings at the young age of 11, in 1968, for the manslaughter of two boys, Martin Brown (aged 4) and Brian Howe (aged 3). Mary was the product of a very abusive childhood which resulted in her mental instability. Mary Bell took on the alias of The Tyneside Strangler. On May 25, 1968, the day before Mary Bell's 11th birthday, Mary Bell strangled Martin Brown, who was at the time four years old. The second murder was committed with her friend Norma Joyce Bell (no relation) where Brian Howe, age 3, Brian Howe was strangled. Mary Bell and Norma Joyce Bell left the crime scene with Mary Bell returning some time later to carve an "M" into the victim's stomach.…

Serial Killer Profile: Mary Bell

Michael Bruce Ross

Proven: 8
Unproven: 8

AKA(s): The Roadside Strangler

Birth Name: Michael Bruce Ross

Michael Bruce Ross - Serial Killer